Whittier Medical Management, Inc.


Installing on Office PC

Software to install for Office PCs:
RemotePC Installer

Installation instructions:
(Please refer to the Contingency plan to see which RemotePC account each staff member is assigned to. The password is: covid19Remote! Note/write down the personal access key for each computer once it is set up. Let the staff member know the account they have been assigned, the password, the name of their computer, and their personal access key for their computer.)

Connecting from Home PC

First determine the type of computer you will be using at home. Here is a download page for all available PC types at home (including Mac, Chromebooks, and mobile apps) :

Download the software for your home PC and install it. Log in to the software you just installed with the RemotePC account you have been assigned. The password is: covid19Remote! In the list of available computers, click on your computer to show the “Connect” button.

Click on the “Connect” button to connect to your work PC. You will need your personal access key to complete the connection to your work PC. Click OK to complete the connection.